Residential Home and Commercial Building Inspection Services

Our Tri-County Home Inspection Services cover in detail over 400 inspection points of the property. In some cases these may be difficult to notice, but could lead to costly repairs in the future. Our non-destructive, visual inspections are performed by highly-trained professional experts. Our thorough reports will distinguish between features in need of repair, replacement, and/or immediate servicing. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision on your purchase.

Professional & Accurate
Broward County, FL Home Inspection Services

Complete Home Inspections

We will provide you with over a 400 point home inspection, detailing everything in your home with colored photos. All the major systems…

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4 Point Inspections

Many insurance companies now require 4 Point Home Inspections before issuing insurance policies on homes 25 years old and older. The need for this inspection will be based on your home, where you live…

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Wind Mitigation

Structural inspections are conducted by our Staff Structural Engineer to determine the integrity of various building systems to include foundations, floor joists…

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Termite Inspection

Thermal imaging inspections are offered to assist in determining potential hidden issues such as plumbing, electrical and moisture intrusion…

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Mold Testing

Comprehensive commercial real estate inspections performed by our mechanical, electrical and structural engineering team. The scope of each…

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Pool & Spa

Buying a new construction home can be very stressful. Most people think because it is brand new that they shouldn’t get an inspection. This is in fact not the case…

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Sprinkler & Irrigation System

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that happens under the earth’s surface and can accumulate inside your home at high levels…

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