Sprinkler & Irrigation System

Whether you are wanting an inspection on a new home construction or on a pre-owned / used home you might want to consider having the Landscape Irrigation system looked at. Although most homebuyers just want to know if the lawn sprinkler system is working or not, this is also a safety inspection. Your landscape has all kinds of nasty things in it that will make you sick or worse if you drink them. Because of this irrigation water is considered a contaminant (creates a health hazard) rather than just a pollutant (is objectionable in color or odor). Irrigation water might contain such things as toxic chemicals in the form of fertilizers, pesticides, etc. as well as animal waste.

Without a properly installed, functional backflow-preventing device these things can and will come back up your irrigation pipes and into your potable drinking water. Most folks don’t understand that the manual or automatic valves that turn on and off the water to the irrigation system are not sufficient to stop this backflow. The purpose of the backflow preventer is to protect you when the valve leaks, which all valves will eventually do. An inspection of the lawn and garden sprinkler system will also include operation of all zones or stations on the system. Because we are only at the site for a short time this will be achieved by operating the controls using manual settings.

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